How Wildfire Smoke Affects Wildlife—and Your Pets_1

Authorities have urged people across swaths of the Midwest and Northeast to stay indoors as smoke from Canadian wildfires compromises air quality in more than a dozen U.S. states. Inhaling… Read more

The Controversial Technology Dividing Climate Scientists_1

If you can think of something, there’s probably a scientist studying it. There are researchers looking into naked mole rat breeding patterns, the aerodynamics of cricket balls, and that people… Read more

Digital clothing gets closer to reality

With this advance, the Ohio State University researchers have taken the next step toward the design of functional textiles—clothes that gather, store, or transmit digital information. With further development, the… Read more

France’s Macron to name PM on first full day in office

The 39-year-old centrist leader laid out his ambitious plans as he took power on Sunday, promising to restore France’s shattered self-confidence and help rebuild the flagging European Union.The former investment… Read more

Primark launches sustainable cotton programme in Pakistan

It follows the successful launch of the first range of cotton products sourced sustainably from independent farmers in Gujarat, Northern India.Pakistan is one of Primark’s key sourcing countries for cotton.… Read more

Black Friday now a shopping phenomenon in Europe too

In the USA, the long Thanksgiving week-end usually marks the peak of year-end sales, thanks to the promotions which usually kick off with Black Friday in physical stores and continue… Read more

Scent of luxury- India’s jasmine infuses global perfume

Jasmine only issues its powerful scent when it blooms at night, and pickers must select only the ones yet to open.”We know which one to pick,” said Malarkodi, who gave… Read more files anti-competition complaint against Lululemon over environmental claims

The complaint alleges that Lululemon has been misleading customers regarding its environmental impact. Lululemon has long presented itself as a champion of environmental sustainability. However,’s complaint challenges this image, asserting… Read more

Under Armour CEO apologizes again for pro-Trump comments

This weekend Plank appeared on NBC’s Sunday Today Show in an attempt to mitigate the damage his comments caused, having shown support for Trump in February. Plank told the host… Read more

Ulta Beauty commits $50 million to DE&I for 2022

As part of this year’s efforts and its “commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices”, it will dedicate approximately $25 million in media investments with multicultural platforms to nurture personal connections with… Read more
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