Under Armour CEO apologizes again for pro-Trump comments

This weekend Plank appeared on NBC’s Sunday Today Show in an attempt to mitigate the damage his comments caused, having shown support for Trump in February. Plank told the host… Read more

Ulta Beauty commits $50 million to DE&I for 2022

As part of this year’s efforts and its “commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices”, it will dedicate approximately $25 million in media investments with multicultural platforms to nurture personal connections with… Read more

The relationship between plastic and fast fashion still going strong, report says

Up to 89% of items contain new plastics Like other players in the fashion industry, fast fashion firms have often committed to start — or continue — efforts to improve… Read more

Zalando sets science-based targets to reduce CO2 emissions by 80%

It means that by 2020, 80% of the carbon emissions from its own operations and 40% from private label production will be eliminated. And it want to “positively impact the… Read more
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