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Car Holder Optimus Prime. Template:multiple issues prime is a title in transformers fiction, the designation given to the leader of the autobots and bearer of the autobot matrix of leadership. Optimus prime(@optimus_is_here), optimus prime(@optimus_is_here), optimus prime(@optimus_is_here), optimus prime(@optimus_is_here), khun_ps(@khunto.ptls).

Optimus Prime Movie Replica To Attend TFcon Charlotte
Optimus Prime Movie Replica To Attend TFcon Charlotte from

4k ultra hd bumblebee (transformers) wallpapers. Optimus prime (legends class, 2007) japanese name: Transformers toys featuring 30 bumblebee and optimus prime robot to vehicle and robot car toys.

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Dimension 108 x 56 cm. Optimus prime speeds away in truck mode via voice or app. He is formed out of a large percentage of translucent plastic, and can combine with the other happy meal armada toys (hot shot, red alert, and smokescreen) into a human (well, robot).

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Watch popular content from the following creators: As a tribute to his immense popularity, optimus prime is the only movie transformer with a toy in every regular category (legend, fast action, deluxe, voyager, and leader.) this is excluding his cyber stomper and transformable gun toys. 4k ultra hd optimus prime wallpapers.

Optimus Prime (Mcdonald's Happy Meal, 2002) ;

4.7 out of 5 stars. Enjoy our curated selection of 68 optimus prime wallpapers and backgrounds. Transformers toys from transformers bumblebee movie, transfor.

Optimus Mentored By Sentinel Prime, The Last Prime Before Him, And Eventually Became The Leader Of The Cybertronian Scientific Division, While Megatron Became Lord High Protector Of Cybertron.

Optimus prime, leader of the heroic autobots and archrival of the villainous megatron, can now be yours in a range of awesome toys here at mr toys. So even if you don't get this one, look for models where there is some protusion forward that can act as the tooth brush holder, because the one in the back is a joke. The japanese equivalent of prime is convoy, sometimes explained in western transformers folklore as an honorific nickname given to autobots (called cybertrons in japan) who possess the autobot matrix of.

Optimus Prime (Legends Class, 2007) Japanese Name:

185 mobile walls 15 art 36 images 110 avatars. Bentuk unik yang dapat dilipat, sehingga terlihat lebih rapi di mobil ketika tidak digunakan. When megatron was corrupted by the fallen and formed the decepticons, optimus rose up against him in a vicious war.